Sunday, August 26, 2018

The Thirteenth Annual Oldies Meet and Greet is Scheduled for Saturday November 10

Randy Safuto of Randy and the Rainbows
appeared at the 2017 Event

I called Ben's Deli in Manhattan and reserved Saturday, November 10th from 2PM - 4 PM for the 13th annual oldies Meet and Greet.  This is just a "keep the date open" announcement, but more information will be made public when it becomes available.  My collaborator Jeff Scheckner and I will create a Facebook page for it.

To make a long story short the event started as a "protest" to the "hijacking" of WCBS-FM in 2005.  For a number of years, the event celebrated the anniversary of Saturday Night Oldies on WABC.  For most of the years, it was a gathering of enthusiasts of oldies radio and music.  We have had some distinguished personalities as guests.

Please see for several posts in Bruce's Journal about past events.

I promised that this entry would not be about the Mets.

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