Tuesday, August 28, 2018

I Do Not Like Reserved Seating at the Movies

For many years one would go to the window at the movies, buy a ticket and go to the theater and take a seat.  I would like to arrive a few minutes early and not get a seat right in front of the screen.  In recent years theaters including the multiplex near me have implemented a reserved seating policy.  One can even buy tickets online in advance for a showing.  Of course, there is a surcharge for this.  I do not like this policy for a number of reasons:

  1. I have to wait on the ticket line longer as patrons take time to pick their seats from a computer screen as seen above.
  2. I get to the theater early, but the good seats are taken by people who paid extra to buy tickets in advance.
Today I have a strange experience which I think never happened to anyone before.  I bought one ticket for Mile 22 at the local multiplex. I walked in and observed I was the only customer.  Just as the movie began someone walked in and accused me of taking his seat.  I said, that it really didn't matter, but he insisted that I move.  The theater was darkened at that point and I couldn't show him my ticket for that seat.  I didn't want to start a fight over something very petty so I moved over two seats.

What a jerk!  After the film ended I checked my ticket which was correct for my original seat that the idiot insisted was his.

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