Sunday, February 5, 2017

Testimony - An Autobiography of Robbie Robertson That Ends Too Soon

This is an autobiography of one of the founding members of the Band.  The others are:

  • Levon Helm
  • Garth Hudson
  • Richard Manual
  • Rick Danko
Robbie and Garth are the only members of the group still living.

The book is very readable as it does not include many irrelevant details.  He talks about his family in Canada and how he met the other members of the groups as they became The Hawks who backed up Ronnie Hawkins.  The group broke off from Hawkins and toured with Bob Dylan in 1966 and 1974.
The final chapter covered the Last Waltz which was their final concert in San Francisco in November 1976.  But it ends 40 years too early!  What has Robbie done since then?

In the 1980s the Band reformed without Robbie Robertson.  I heard that he had a big fight with Levon Helm who was his biggest friend in the 1970s.  Robbie wrote some musical scores for Martin Scorcese and made several solo recordings.  This was not at all in this autobiography.  Why did he stop at 1976?

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