Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I Never Know Who Reads Bruce's Journal

Bruce's Journal has been around since October 2005 with over 3300 entries. There are some autobiographical posts while mostly I discuss hobby related activities such as music, radio broadcasting, movies and ball games. Nobody needs to reveal their identity when reading it, so I rarely know who reads it.  It is linked to my Facebook page so I know much of the audience is from there.

There is a tool called Google Analytics which tell where a hit is from.  There is someone in Monroe Township, NJ who reads it regularly. but I don't know who he/she is.  Are there any other regular readers out there?  Perhaps some former friends are cyber stalking me.

Does it have any impact on anyone?  I get a report of the number of hits, but I assume many of them just look at the entry  and move on to something else on the web.

I'll get writing, but it is frustrating not knowing who reads it or if it has an impact on anyone.

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