Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Guess Who I Saw at Newark Penn Station Today?

It was a normal commute today as I got off the train and Newark Penn Station.  I started to walk toward the stairs to get to the Light Rail and who do I see?  Governor Chris Cristie.  He seemed to be having a casual conversation with two women,  There was no crowd around him.  I just found this article from CBS News stating that the Governor was going to Washington to see President Trump.  He was likely waiting for an Amtrak train to Washington.

I sincerely hope that the Governor encountered a major train delay on Amtrak so he'll know how we feel.  Many of the NJ Transit delays on the Northeast corridor are caused by Amtrak.

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"Kerry Deare of Barnegat" said...

This is crazy. I stumbled on your stuff while chasing down the Tecsun PL-880. Next I learn you're at NJIT when my old classmate Joe Bozelli is (or was) head of the Chem Dept forever. Next I learn you're getting out in 2017 (as is my wonderful wife, an attorney at NJ Courts). Next I learn you're a Dylan follower ('nuff said).

Are you tryin' to give me a headache (smile)? Keep it up.

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