Saturday, February 4, 2017

Ben's Deli, Ben's Best and The Comedian (Movie)

Although the Carnegie Deli closed there is still Ben's Best Deli in Rego Park and Ben's Deli with locations in Bayside, Long Island, and Manhattan.  The later is the restaurant where we hold the annual oldies meet and greet in November.  There has always been some confusion between the two.  Ben's Best with just one location has been in Rego Park since 1945.  While growing up, my mother would send me there on Sundays to get cold cuts and hot dogs for dinner.  I remember Ben, the original owner who passed away,  His son Jay Parker now runs it.   I believe the Ben's Deli of oldies meet and greet fame didn't open until the early 1990s.

Anyway, today we went to the Kew Gardens Cinema to see The Comedian starring Robert DeNiro.  He played an aging insult comedian named Jack Burke.  His brother played by Danny DeVito and sister-in-law played by Patty Lupone managed the deli.  Jay Parker appeared in a cameo role.  I highly recommend seeing this movie.

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