Monday, December 19, 2016

Sometimes College Students Do Not Use Common Sense

I work in a college with a relatively small campus of about 50 acres, yet I regularly see students skateboarding.  It is a pain in a neck at times to avoid these kids who can easily walk from one building to the next.  Today I saw a kid trying to do that in a corrider that is narrow since it is adjacent to a construction site.  I asked him nicely to just carry his skateboard through this passageway.  He did that for about 10 seconds and after I turned my head he started to sidewalk surf.  C'mon guys, there is a time and place for skateboarding, but please don't do it on a crowded campus.

I also observed students wearing shorts and flip-flops in the winter.  I am not their father and just can' stop them.

What can I say?  A little common sense and courtesy go a long way in this world.

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