Wednesday, August 10, 2016

More Microsoft and Apple Updates

On July 29, 2015 Microsoft offered for one year a free upgrade to Windows 10.  I had Windows 8.1, but was a little apprehensive about updating.  I waited until late January on a snowy Saturday and downloaded the update.  There were no problems encountered.  Starting on August 2, 2016 Microsoft offered the first anniversary update.  This time I waited about a week to get it.  Since I am home this week I downloaded and installed while I could keep an eye on the process.  It is not necessary to stare at the computer screen during the installation, but there is always the fear that there will be prolems encountered.  This update took about 40 minutes to complete.  This time there are only subtle changes in the operating system.

Likewise our friends at Apple offer periodic updates.  Some of them are major while others are small,  Since I have an iPhone I have to watch out for the updates.  Last week I installed IOS 9.3.4 which was very minor.  In the Fall Apple will roll out IOS 10 which I assume will be major and likely will make older iPhone obsolete.  It will entice people to purchase the iPhone 7.  I got my iPhone 6 in March 2015 and will be eligible for an upgrade in March 2017.

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