Saturday, August 20, 2016

A Wrong Weather Forecast Messed Up My Plans for Today

When we turned on the news radio this morning the forecast called for a possibility of showers in the evening, but nothing for the afternoon.  We wanted to go to a CD and Record Fair at West 57th Street and 9th Avenue.  Several times over this past month we took umbrellas when the forecast was for showers, but they never happened.  Since there was no forecast of rain for this afternoon, we did not take umbrellas.

Our plan was to take the N Train to 57th Street and then walk to 9th Avenue.  When we arrived at train station we saw that it was poring.  We waited for over 35 minutes, but the rain did not stop or let up.  At that point we went back to subway and went home.

While we were on the 7 train we saw that the rain stopped, but started again when we arrived in Flushing. We were able to run and wait in the lobby of Citibank until the Q20A bus game.

The only thing that we lost was the subway fare going both ways.  I would have liked to peruse records and CDs, but I believe this organization comes to the same location every month.

Oh, well.

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