Thursday, August 18, 2016

Commissioner Rob Manfred is Considering Changes to Baseball Rules

The photo of a fan sleeping at a game seen above is somewhat an exaggeration but in my opinion changes must be made to speed up games.  Some of these changes proposed by Rob Manfred are outlined in this article in USA Today.

I just hate it when pitchers are brought in to face just one batter.  I remember one recent game when Joe Girardi took a pitcher out after one batter when the Yankees had a 4 run lead in the 9th inning.  That is really overmanaging.  Years ago teams would only carry 10 pitchers and a reliever would go 2 or 3 innings to get a save.  It is very uncommon today for a reliever to pitch more than 1 inning.  I think a solution may be to limit a team to 11 pitchers on the active roster.  Another possibility would be to require a pitcher to stay for at least 2 batters.

We'll just have to wait and see as a new basic agreement must be signed soon.

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