Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Again The Coach is Blamed for the Team's Failure

Yesterday the Knicks fired coach Derek Fisher as the team has stumbled to a 23-31 record.  At the time of Fisher's firing the Knicks had lost 9 out of 10 games.  The Knicks have certainly improved over last year's 17-65 record.  Last year General Manager Phil Jackson dumped some good players in the middle of the season to save money on salary.  I think many of the player moves in the off season were beneficial.

Derek Fisher was hired without any experience as a coach or assistant coach at any level.  He was also given a 5 year contract for $25 Million.  I presume that the team must pay him that amount or come to an agreement on a buyout.  Kurt Rambis has been made the interim coach, but likely will not be hired permanently.  At the end of the season Phil Jackson will evaluate what experienced coaches are available.  I am rooting for Patrick Ewing to get the job as he has several years experience as an assistant coach in the NBA.

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