Sunday, February 14, 2016

Billboard Reports that Bob Dylan is Recording a New Album at Capitol Records Studio in Hollywood

Any report that Bob Dylan is recording a new album has to be good news.  He has been recording since 1962 which was before many of his fans (not me) were born.  The report in Billboard states that this will be a collection of more adult standards and will be a follow up to the 2015 album Shadows in the Night.  Since the Never Ending Tour is on hiatus until April, this is a good time for him to go into the recording studio.

I am disappointed since apparently this forthcoming album will not include any new Dylan compositions.  The Tempest released in 2012 was the last album that included Dylan compositions.  In my opinion Dylan's songwriting is his biggest strength.  His songs are vague and open to interpretation as stated by the Penelope Cruz character in the film Masked and Anonymous.  It is an avocation for many to pick his songs apart word by word and try to make sense out of them.  Adult standards is not my favorite style of music, but I don't hate that genre either.

As soon as the release date is announced, I will go to and pre-order it so I get it the day it comes out.  After 54 years, the beat goes on.

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