Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Some Minor Radio News in the New York Area

Back in the 1960s when AM radio predominated WWRL was a big R&B and soul station.  Some major DJs like Bobby Jay and Frankie Crocker worked there.  For the last few years the format has been Mexican music.  Just now they have changed to a format featuring talk and music for Indians.  This seems to make sense as there is a large Indian population in the NYC metropolitan area.

WFAS at 1230 AM is now broadcasting the CBS Radio Sports Network.  Until now it could only be heard in NYC at WCBS-FM HD3.  This station is aimed at Westchester County.  I could get it very weakly on my GE Superradio in Queens.

WNLK (1350 AM) and WSTC (1400 AM) in Connecticut are for sale by Sacred Heart University.  Both are airing oldies as a placeholder format.  It does seem that AM radio is fading all over.

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