Saturday, August 29, 2015

Red Sox 3 Mets 1 and I Didn't Even Get a Bobblehead Doll

It seems that the Met bats cooled off once the road trip ended.  The pitching was excellent as 4 pitchers including Jacob de Grom stuck out 16 Red Sox,  Bartolo Colon came in to pitch one inning in relief in what could be his role in the postseason.  But what good does excellent pitching do when the team just can not hit.

Fans coming today got a bobblehead of Jesse Orosco celebrating the victory in the 7th game of the World Series against the Red Sox.  It used to be the everyone would get one, but now the team states that only the first 15,000 fans get one.  We arrived at the stadium at 3:15 for a 4:00 start figuring we would get one, but they were all gone.  Apparently only the people who arrived at 2:00 when the gates opened got one.  Well, I have plenty of bobbleheads at home from previous seasons.

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