Sunday, August 9, 2015

David Berson Facebook Friend of the Day

Yesterday I received a friend request from David Berson whom I knew way back in P.S. 139.  I hadn't thought about him very much over the years, but I am pleased he took the initiative to reconnect with me.  I recall a little incident from Russell Sage JHS 190 when Mr. Seligsohn, the social studies teacher said "David Berson son of Ber."  I don't remember David at all from Forest Hill High School. I sent him a link to my journal entry about growing up in Rego Park.

David asked if I knew anything about Philip Kart.  If I remember correctly David and Phil lived in the same building on Booth Street and 64th Road.  I did Google Phil and was just able to find out that he lives in South Florida.

David's Facebook account states that he is retired and living in South Carolina.  I wish him well.

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