Saturday, August 15, 2015

It was 50 Years Ago Today

On August 15, 1965 the Beatles played at Shea Stadium.  It was likely impossible to hear the music as most of the kids that went to the concert just wanted to hear the Fab 4.  Anyway, tonight we are going to Shea's successor Citifield to see the Mets play the Pitsburgh Pirates.

Tonight the rap group Ne-Yo will be performing after the game.  I think it would have made sense for a Beatles tribute band to play.  I remember that last season Strawberry Fields, a tribute group played outside of Citifield before a game.  Maybe that will happen tonight.  There are markers in the Citifield parking lot where the bases at Shea Stadium were.  It would be a good idea for Beatles fans to gather at second base to remember the concert.

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