Monday, June 8, 2015

Links Between Bob Dylan and Brian Wilson/Beach Boys?

This photo was found in the Bob Dylan
Fan Group on Facebook

With all the technology available today it is very easy to contrive photos and recordings.  It looks like Bob and Brian together c1990 in the photo above.  But is it for real or did someone "PhotoShop" it?  Would they be good collaborators or would their styles conflict?  I tried to search a Bob Dylan covers database to see if the Beach Boys ever covered a Dylan song, but the database was corrupted.

In the Youtube video below Bob and Brian collaborated in 1988 on a song called Spirit of Rock 'n Roll.  That was the era of the Traveling Wilburys.  Was this recording real or did someone mash up two recordings?

In the Youtube video below the Beach Boys are supposed to be doing a parody of Dylan, but they sound more like Sonny Bono.


Anonymous said...

The Beach Boys covered Times They Are A-Chamgin' in 1965 on the Party! album, lead vocal by their resident folkie Al Jardine. And, yes, Dylan did really sing on Spirit of Rock and Roll (The session was probably in '90/'91, not '88). It was meant for an album called Sweet Insanity which was never officially released, but did leak out on bootlegs a few years later.

BD 62 said...

hi the photo is real, 1989

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