Sunday, June 28, 2015

Bob Dylan's Forever Young by Blake Shelton at the End of the Movie Max

Usually when the credits begin to roll at the end of a movie, people begin to leave.  At the end of Max, a film about a military dog, I was pleasantly surprised to hear Bob Dylan's Forever Young by Blake Shelton.  It is an excellent cover of one of Dylan's finest songs.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Bruce,

My name is Kat DelGrande and the company I work for is creating a book filled with stories, memories, photos and more from Bob Dylan's biggest fans. We are going to collect the 100 best contributions, pay to create this high-quality book, and give it to Bob Dylan in the next few months.
The company I work for is called Weeva, and we create these books and stories. I saw that you posted on milliondylanfans and said that you've been a fan since you heard "Like a Rolling Stone" on the radio. I was hoping that this would be of interest to you. July 25 is coming up, and that is the date when Bob Dylan took the stage at the Newport Folk Festival. So many fans booed at him because he decided to go electric. However, later that week, Dylan hit #2 in the American charts, after "Like a Rolling Stone" was released. Maybe you remember this, or remember hearing that song for the first time on the radio.
I would love to read any story that you have about your favorite Bob Dylan memory, or what his music means to you.
Please email me at if you would like to talk about this more!

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