Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Movie Day on Staycation

I may as well live this week as a gentleman of leisure so after I did some reading in the morning I decided to take in a flick.  I looked at the listings for the College Point Multiplex and even looked at some trailers and decided that the movies over there were just not for me.  It is always tempting to think that since it right in the neighborhood I may as well just walk over there.  Too many times I walked out of that complex feeling that I wasted my money seeing a movie aimed at much younger people.

I decided to drive over to the Kew Gardens Cinema as I usually do a few times a year.  I had a little problem finding parking, but didn;t mind having to walk several blocks to the theater.  I saw the film 5 Flights Up starring Diane Keaton and Morgan Freeman.  It was about a long-time married couple living in Brooklyn who feel it is time to move out and try to sell their apartment.

When I go to the Kew Gardens Cinema I am often one of the youngest people in the audience while in College Point I am usually one of the oldest.

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