Sunday, May 31, 2015

Lee Went to the Queens Public Library and Took Out Met Tickets

Lee is standing by a car he wishes
his father would buy

About a week ago Lee went to the Mitchell-Linden branch of the Queens library to take out books and DVDs.  The librarian noted he was wearing a Mets jacket and offered him tickets to today's game. It wasn't in our 10 game package, so how could he say no.  In my entire career as a librarian I never gave anyone tickets.

Bartolo Colon was the star of the game as he pitched 7 good innings and hit a run scoring double.  Anyone else would of had a triple, but Bartolo obviously doesn't run well.  Ruben Tejada drove in the go ahead run in the 7th inning while Jeurys Familia got out the last 5 outs for his 15th save.

There were a few coincidences associated with today's game thanks to Facebook.  Two of my Facebook friends, Amy Kearns and Joanna Ente, were also at the game.  I have never met either of them face to face.  Amy is a librarian in New Jersey while Joanna is the husband of the late Bernie Ente whom I knew in  Forest Hills High School.

Craig Colson, a Facebook friend of Lee and his classmate in Francis Lewis High School, saw Lee's photo and said hello to him.  It turns out that Craig took a picture with the same car at Citifield.

Craig Colson at Citifield

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