Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Two Movies I really Wanted to See Were Only in Manhattan Theaters

I have likely mentioned this before about only mainstream movies being shown at the College Point Multiplex which is within walking distance of my apartment.  There were two new releases that I wanted to see that are only seen in Manhattan right now.  Since I have a long commute to work during the week, I am somewhat reluctant to travel by subway on the weekend just to see a movie.

The Wrecking Crew  a film about musicians backing up 1960s hits.  Right now it is playing at the IFC Theater in Greenwich Village.  I could rent the streaming version for $7, but I decided to wait until I can purchase it on DVD.

Danny Collins - An aging rocker (Al Pacino) decides to change the course of his life after receiving a long-undelivered letter from the late John Lennon.  I saw a trailer for this last week at the Kew Gardens Cinema, but as of today it is only playing at two theaters in Manhattan.  I am certain that within a few weeks it will come to Queens.

Instead I went to the College Point Multiplex and saw Insurgent  .  Eh

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