Monday, March 2, 2015

Hey Zimmy - Where are You Going with That Gun in Your Hand

A few weeks ago I mentioned in this journal that Shadows in the Night was not my favorite Dylan album,  I think he should sing his own songs in his genre of music.  I thank fellow New York Met fan and owner of Pete Freckleton for bringing this video to my attention.

I think that Dylan's videos should be limited to he and his backup band singing his songs.  I didn't care for this video as there was gun violence in it.  If I had my way only police officers and the military would be allowed to have guns of any kind.  I do not like seeing Mr. Zimmerman with a hand gun.  Thus, IMHO this video sucked.  I thought that the video for Duquense Whistle was a little too violent but the one for The Night We Called it a Day was worse.

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