Thursday, February 12, 2015

Some Memories of Mom

Mom was always a big Mah Jongg player.  I never understood why middle aged Jewish women loved this Chinese game.  Back in the 1960s the four women in her group would play on a rotating basis at their respective apartments.  Shirley Dule who was in the group lived diagonally across the street from us could not schlep the Mah Jongg set up the steps in our apartment so I would schelp it for her.  Back in 1962 the Mah Jongg group had a table at my Bar Mitzvah.  In 2001 her later group was at Lee's Bar Mitzvah.

Years ago the Mother's Day tradition was to take out cold cuts at Ben's Best Deli on Queens Blvd. in Rego Park.

Since we lived in an apartment we could never have a dog.  After when Joyce married Keith she inherited Artemis a black Labrador Collie Mix.  Mom and Dad loved Artemis who was a frequent visitor to their apartment in Forest Hills.  After Artremis died, Joyce and Keith got Sasha, another mongrel dog who became an important member of the family.  Above mom is with the Great Casey.

In 1962 my grandmother Lena Wagman moved from Brooklyn to our building in Rego Park.  Mom need to keep an eye on her in her later years.

My Dad suffered from pancreatic cancer for 2 years until he passed away in 1997.  Mom did her best to care for him during his last years.  She outlived Dad by 17 years.

Mom certainly lived a full life.  Maybe future entries of Bruce's Journal will have more anecdotes.

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