Thursday, February 5, 2015

Bob Dylan's Shadows in the Night is Not My Favorite

As everybody knows Bob Dylan's Shadows in the Night is a collection of  adult standards.  In the past Dylan has covered some traditional folk songs in the CDs World Gone Wrong and Good as I Have Been to You released in the 1990s. Christmas in the Heart released in 2009 in my opinion was a total disaster.   In any event Jewish performers should not record Christmas music.  Back in the late 1970s Dylan visited gospel music, but those were his own songs.

Dylan's best skill is his songwriting as his works have inspired and stimulated fans and other musicians for decades.  Shadows in the Night is a collection of songs that he did not write.  He has chosen to sing out of his genre.  People often dislike him because of his voice, but acknowledge his excellent songwriting skills.

Shadows in the Night is not my favorite CD since I am not a fan of adult standards.  I listen to it once and will likely file it with the rest of my CD collection.  We don't know how much long Dylan will record,  but I hope his next release will be a collection of his songs.

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