Monday, April 14, 2014

My Car is a Record Breaker

Above is a photo of my car a 2000 Chevy Cavalier.  I have always been a Chevy man and have kept my cars a long time:

1972 Chevy Nova -bought new and kept until 1986, exactly 14 years
1985 Chevy Cavalier - bought as a used car in 1986 and kept until 2000
2000 Chevy Cavalier - bought new and now going on 15 years

I am taking a couple of days of from work for Passover, so today I brought in for a New York State inspection.  It passed inspection, but the mechanic suggested that I get replace the fan belts.

Now I have had this car longer than the other two.  Since I take public transportaton to work I usually only use the car on weekends.  In 14 years I have only 55,000 miles on the car.  Since I keep it garaged the body is in very good shape.

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