Sunday, April 13, 2014

I am glad I didn't watch this game as the Mets Lost to the Angels 14-2

Today's Met game from Anaheim started at 3:30, but I got home at 4:15.  I decided the read the New York Times for a while and then watch the game.  At about 5:00 the Mets were losing big so I decided to listen to the rest of  Rich Appel's and Bob Radil's countdown on Rewound Radio.  I am really glad that I didn't wastch any of that game as the Mets lost 14-2.  Bartolo Colon gave up 4 home runs including 3 in a row to Mike Trout, Albert Pujols and Raul Ibanez.  The Mets are paying Colon $10 Million this season and this is what we get from him.  Another red flag is that after 12 game Curtis Granderson is hitting .159.  Let's hope he will not turn into another Jason Bay.

Game Summary

I'll try to be optimistic and say that this is only one game and that there is a long way to go.

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Ken Dulberg said...

Games like this are always a possibility when you play a team like the "California/Los Angeles/Anaheim" Angels (or whatever they call themselves these days). Even though they've had their problems the past couple of years, they have one of the most dangerous lineups in the game. The latent possibility is always there that they can bust out in any given game, especially against a pitcher that lies primarily on the fastball. Unfortunately that's just what happened yesterday against none other that our Mets!

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