Sunday, April 27, 2014

Brandon Theater in Forest Hills Closed

The Queens Chronicle reports that the Brandon Theater in Forest Hills, formerly known as the Continental Theater has closed. The first movie I saw there was A Hard Days Night in 1964. It is really a shame that local movie theaters in neighborhoods are all but gone.  When I grew up in Rego Park I could go to one of the following theaters:

  • Elmwood
  • Trylon
  • Drake
  • Midway
  • Forest Hills
  • Cinemart
Only the Midway and Cinemart remain.

When I moved to Flushing in the 1980s after I was married there were several theaters that closed:
  • RKO Keiths
  • Prospect
  • Whitestone
  • Bayside
  • Quartet
In 1999 the College Point Multiplex was built within walking distance of my apartment.  I still miss those small nighborhood movie theaters.

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