Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Richard Kearney - Facebook Friend of the Day

Richard Kearney is a librarian at William Paterson University.  Has he won the honor of being my Facebook Friend of the Day for bein a Met fan?  No, but that helps.  He has won it for being a Bob Dylan fan and tagging me on Facebook.  He wrote:

"Interesting excerpt from a new book about the Chelsea Hotel. I'm betting Bruce Slutsky and Jack Axcelson will dig it too."  The book he is talking about is:

Tippins, Sherill. Inside the Dream Palace: The Life and Times of New York's Legendary Chelsea Hotel. , 2013. Print.

Bob Dylan wrote at least some of the songs on Blonde on Blonde at that hotel.  I took at look at a description of that book and figured out that it is likely that only small portion of the book would be about Dylan.  Anyway, I decided not to buy this book.  I got thinking that I hadn't book a Bob Dylan book in several months.  I found this book on Amazon.com:

Muir, Andrew. One More Night: Bob Dylan's Never Ending Tour. S.l.: Createspace, 2013.

So, I bought an electronic copy for my Kindle.

I was looking at his Facebook photos and found this.  Could he be playing  a Bob Dylan song.  Will he be performing at the VALE annual meeting in January?
I did encounter Richard at a Dylan concert at the United Palace Theater in upper Manhattan in November 2008.  Richard and I attended a Dylan concert at William Paterson University in 1997, but I didn't see him there.  That night was historic for the Slutsky family since it was Lee's first Dylan concert.  He was only 9 years old at the time.

For being a fan of Bob Dylan and the Mets, Richard has earned the honor of being my Facebook Friend of the Day.

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