Friday, December 27, 2013

Jewish Museum Today - Art Spiegelman and Marc Chagall

If I remember correctly Karen and I vistited the Jewish Museum last year just after Christmas Day.  We went today to specifically see Co-Mix, a retrospective of Art Spiegelman and Chagall: Love War and Exile.  When we got to the museum just before opening time at 11 AM there was already a line of people wanting to get in.  Art Spiegelman grew up in Rego Park as I did and was only a year older than I.  I vaguely remember his name back then, but I was not acquainted with him.  He is noted for writing the book Maus using comic book characters to tell the story of his parents in the holocaust.  The exhibit featured other works of his.

Marc Chagall was a Jewish artist born in Russia who emigrated to France after the revolution.  Many of his paintings wer shown. I was surprised to see how crowded the museum was especially at the Chagall exhibit.

The upper floors were permanent exhibits that we saw last year, so we did just took a quick look.

The exhibits are described in detail at

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