Monday, December 2, 2013

Making Facebook Friends with Radio People

Over the years I have mad Facebook friends with many radio personalities.  I have met a few of them at the oldies meets and greets over the years.  Off the top of my head some radio friends are:

  • Cousin Bruce Morrow
  • Famous Amos (Russ DiBello)
  • Herb Oscar Anderson
  • Anita Bonita
  • Broadway Bill Lee
  • Pat St. John
  • Cool Bobby B
  • Bob Radil
  • Scott Fybush
  • Joe Causi
Anyway, today I received a friend request from Bob Dearborn seen above.  His name sounded familiar in the radio context.  He worked at many radio stations in different locations over the year.  He is best known for his time (1970-76) at WCFL in Chicago.

Nice to meet you Bob!

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