Saturday, December 28, 2013

College Basketball at Barclays Center Today

There was a college basketball tripleheader at Barclay's Center.  In the first game St. Johns faced Columbia in a battle of locals.  The defenses were very tight as there were many forced shots coming shortly before the 35 second shot clock expired.  I was impressed on how Columbia stayed in the game but the Red Storm held on to win 65-59.


The second game was a blowout as Kansas State beat Tulane 72-41


We did not stay for the third game which featured Virginia Commonwealth against Boston College.

I do think that a festival like this should feature 6 schools from the NYC region as attendance at this event was very low.  Most of the fans left after the St. Johns/Columiba game. I think there are likely few alumni of Kansas State or Tulane who live close by and would come to Brooklyn to see the game.

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