Saturday, June 22, 2013

Special Tribute to Alan Berman from Enza Ardan of Yonkers

Readers of blogs can make comments on entries.  Over the years with 2300 journal entries Bruce's Journal has received only a few comments.  My tribute to Alan received 12 comments.  Since many of my readers likely would not look at the comments, I would like to share this with everyone.  If Enza is reading this, please send me your e-mail so I can keep you in the loop about future arrangements.

Dear Bruce,

We do not know one another, but I wanted to extend my deepest condolences to you concerning your good friend Alan Berman. My husband is a Yonkers Firefighter and although his "house" is not Station 14, he has completed a number of shifts at that location. My husband was not working on Father's Day, but heard about the horrible crash from his fellow firemen.

I did not know Alan Berman, but ever since I have heard about his tragic passing, I have found myself drawn to learning more about him. Since Monday morning when news of the accident reached my husband, I have been on an endless search to find out as much as I can about Alan. I stumbled across your blog and was so happy to read a number of the posts in which you made reference to Alan and his love for the Mets and oldies radio. He seemed like such a wonderful, friendly man, especially from some of the photos you posted of him on your blog and from the beautiful words you shared with us about Alan in your most recent post. It really saddens me to think of the way he passed.

My husband and I and a good friend of ours, would love to see Alan honored and remembered in some way. In reading your blog, it appears that Alan was passionate about many things. Perhaps you and Alan's many friends are already thinking of ways to honor his memory by hosting an event celebrating the very special man he was. Please let us know if there is any way we may contribute to making such a tribute happen.

I continue to keep Alan in my thoughts and prayers as well as his closest friends and family as you all struggle to make sense of his untimely passing.

With warm regards,
Enza Ardan

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