Saturday, June 1, 2013

Random Thoughts on a Busy Day

Today's Radio Log:

  • WINS
  • WCBS-FM with Sue O'Neill
  • WBGO - Saturday Morning Function with Bob Porter
  • Dylan Radio,Com - Traveling Wilburys Weekend
  • WRNJ - The Rest of the Week with Rich Appel
  • Rewound Radio - Dick Clark Radio Premiers on CHUM - Toronto
  • Pop Gold Radio - WLS Countdown of June 1, 1965
  • WFUV - Mixed Big with Don McGee
  • SiriusXM 60s on 6 - Cousin Brucie
I took Lee to Cunningham Park to Play basketball.  We took a walk to the Flushing Library to see a jazz concert.  It was pretty good, but it only lasted 40 minutes.

How can those Mets beat the Yankees 4 games in a row yet lose to the Miami Marlins the worst team in baseball?

Karen and I went to the local multiplex to see the Great Gatsby.

I was saddened to hear of the passing of Jean Stapleton at age 90.  Back in the 1970s All in the Family had to be my favorite TV show.

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