Saturday, June 22, 2013

Man of Steel Brings Superman to the Younger Generation

I have stated many times in this journal that the mainstream movies these days are for kids.  The Man of Steel is no exception as the Adventures of Superman which began as a comic book character in 1938 lives on.  The producers of this film have at least used an original story line.  Of course it has all the modern special effects, but this was a little too violent for me.  I chose to see the 2D version since it is my opinion that the enhancement of 3D is not worth the higher price.  I still would recommend this movie to my baby boomer friends including Joe Mercuri.  I was disappointed that there was no Jimmy Olsen character, but Lois Lane played by Amy Adams was real sexy.

My favorite Superman has to be George Reeves.
Here is another Superman.  It look likes Clark Kent forgot to take off his glasses.

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