Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ironbound Section of Newark

I have worked in Newark since I joined NJIT in 1992. It is still somewhat maligned with more than its share of urban problems.  Perhaps, it never completely recovered from the riots of 1967.  To be fair problems such as crime, corruption, AIDS, and urban blight which are seen in Newark occur in all regions of the United States.  In recent years Newark has rebounded with attractions such as the NJPC and Prudential Center.  Mayor Corey Booker has done an excellent job of promoting the city.

The Ironbound is a section just east of Penn Station.  The population predominately Spanish, Portuguese  and Brazilian.  Today the NJIT Library staff held its annual holiday party at the Spanish Tavern.  The Ironbound is noted for its very fine restaurants.  Please check out for information.  If you are in northern New Jersey, please stop by this historic section.

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