Saturday, December 31, 2011

Congratulations to the Beach Boys on Their 50th Anniversary

I think my last journal entry of the year will be about the Beach Boys. I don’t recall ever writing about them even though I have followed them since the 1960s. Pete Fornatale show on WFUV this afternoon celebrated today as the 50th Anniversary of the group’s first appearance using the name Beach Boys. It took place in Long Beach, California on December 31, 1961.

If Pete had has way he would devote the entire show to recordings of the Beach Boys and Brian Wilson, but the Digital Millennium Copyright Act forbids that. There is a limitation on how many songs by an artist an internet stream may play in an hour.

In any 3-hour period, a station can webcast:
No more than 3 songs from one album;
no more than 2 played consecutively
No more than 4 songs from a set/compilation;
no more than 3 played consecutively
No more than 4 recorded songs by the same artist
(live studio appearances are okay)

Pete was able to get around this by playing covers of songs recorded by the Beach Boys. He also played a very rare recording of Bob Dylan and Brian Wilson on a song called Spirit of Rock n Roll which was on the unreleased Sweet Insanity album.

I certainly congratulate the surviving Beach Boys as they are planning a tour for this milestone anniversary. It is shame that Carl and Dennis Wilson have passed on, but their music lives on.

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