Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bruce's Journal and Google Analytics

I use Google Analytics to examine hits to my journal.  I was surprised to see which of my posts got the most posts.  Over the past 30 days two posts about Jeopardy were the most popular.

#1 - Jeopardy and the 2 dollar Bill
#2 - Jason Keller - Jeopardy Superstar - by the way he lost today so he goes out winning bout $213,000 with 9 victories.  He must be one of the top 15 winners in regular competition.

Over the last 8 months the Tale of the Two Dollar Bill has been my most popular post.  I talk about how I got a two dollar bill as change and a few hours later donated it to the local public library.

There is a popular Bob Dylan site called Expecting Rain that guided its readers to a few of my posts which generated hundreds of hits.  It seems that my postings about Dylan are more popular than those about the Mets.

About 85% of my hits are for 10 seconds or less, so most of my readers just skim the entry and don't read it thoroughly.  I have gotten hits from all over the world. 

In any event, thanks for stopping by if even it is only once.

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