Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Congratulations to Donovan for his Election to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame

I have written about Donovan (Leitch) several times in this journal.  I bought his records since his acoustic days in the mid 1960s.  I even have some of his LPs on the Hickory label.  I enjoyed many of his hits such as Catch the Wind, Colours, Sunshine Superman, Mellow Yellow and many others.  I congratulate him heartily for his election to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.  As I mentioned early in this journal it is sad that many other fine recording artists such as Chubby Checker, Neil Sedaka, and the Moody Blues among many others have been denied election to the Rock Hall.  Likely, politics has reared its ugly head.

I would love for Bob Dylan to induct Donovan.  In the documentary Don't Look Back Dylan really dissed Donovan very badly.  So I think justice would be served if Bob praised Donovan at his induction.

I few months ago I asked Bob Radil to play Sunny South Kensington which was the B side of Mellow Yellow.  Please enjoy it.

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