Saturday, November 12, 2011

Report from the 2011 Oldies Meet and Greet

The 6th Annual Meet and Greet of Oldies Radio Enthusiasts took place today at Ben’s Deli on West 38th Street with about 60 people attending. A few other people were wanted to come, but illness or other factors prevented them from attending. It is one thing to connect with people through message boards, Facebook, and Twitter, but you really can’t get to know people until you see them in person. I’ve known Mary Shaw and Linda Cohen since the late 1990s after we first met on the WCBS-FM AOL folder. Over the years I have become acquainted with many people through these gatherings. Some of the radio personalities who came:

Keith Allen - seen below

Famous Amos - Russ DiBello

Anita Bonita

Bob Radil

Joe Accurso

Scott Lowe

Kristen LaBar

We were treated by a performance of Gee Whiz by Louise Murray who sang with the Jaynetts.

Today, Alan Berman was the happiest man on the face of the earth

Photos can be seen at

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