Thursday, November 10, 2011

It looks like I may have to read about the Knicks this season

There doesn't seem to be a settlement of the NBA lockout in sight, so there is a distinct possibility that the pro basketball season could be cancelled.  These guys are making millions of dollar a year to play a boys game and they want more money.  I feel sorry for people like restaurant owners, ushers, and others who lose money when the games are not played.

Today I was reading the book review of the New York Times when I saw a review for:

Araton, Harvey. When the Garden Was Eden: Clyde, the Captain, Dollar Bill, and the Glory Days of the Old Knicks. New York: Harper, 2011. Print.

I remember those days in the early 1970s when the Knicks were the champs.  So it looks like I may just have to read about the Knicks this season.  Hopefully they will come to their senses and settle to save at least part of the season.

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