Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jeopardy and the Two-Dollar Bill

Google Analytics is a tool to analyze the hits on a web site.  The one site on Bruce's Journal that received the most number of hits was the tale of the 2 dollar bill that I wrote in April 2011.  It got infinitely more hits than anything I wrote about Bob Dylan, the Mets, oldies, or New York radio.

Anyway, my knowledge of the two dollar bill helped me on Jeopardy tonight.  I probably don't have the wording correct, but it was the sum of the money of bills in common circulation that has a president on them.

1 dollar bill - George Washington
2 dollar bill - Thomas Jefferson
5 dollar bill - Abraham Lincoln
20 dollar bill - Andrew Jackson
50 dollar bill -  U.S. Grant

The correct Jeopardy question - What is 78.  All 3 contestants answered 76 and got it wrong since they forgot about the 2 dollar bill.  I didn't win thousands of dollars by getting it right.  I just got a high five from Karen and Lee.

If you are curious, please go to this Presidents on Money Web site .  It states that William McKinley is on the $500 bill while Woodrow Wilson is on the $1000 bill, but those are not in common circulation.

I wonder is Lisa Weisbard got it right.

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Oops, retract previous comment! Didn't read the question carefully enough, common mistake. Sorry

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