Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Brunswick, NJ Revisited

In July 2008 I wrote a journal entry about living in New Brunswick, NJ from 1974-76 just after graduating from the University of Rhode Island. In much of that entry I wrote about my social life as a Jewish single in the suburbs.  Today I revisited New Brunswick since I attended a professional meeting at Rutgers.

I was quite impressed at the way the downtown area was revitalized over the past 35 years.  There were several new high rise apartment buildings near the train station.  Back in the 70s that downtown area was nodescript at best.  The College Avenue campus of Rutgers looked pretty much the same. There was not all that much time to walk around the city especially since it was raining after the meeting. I think the Busch and Livingston campuses on the Piscataway side of the Raritan River expanded greatly over the years.  I remember visiting the Library of Science and Medicine.

I did not visit:

1. 9 Hartwell Street where I lived for the first 4 months in New Brunswick.  The landlord just kept pestering me.
2.  The Colony House on George Street where I lived for most of my New Jersey years.  It is a high rise building near Landing Lane Bridge.
3. Rhodia on Jersey Avenue where I worked.  A chemical engineering student at NJIT told me that the plant closed down in 2000.  I read that Rhodia was recented acquired by Solvay.

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