Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spotlight on HY Lit Radio

Hy Lit was a Philadelphia disk jockey who was on the air from the 1950s until 2005 on several radio stations.  Sadly he passed away in 2007  His son Sam Lit produces an internet radio station call HyLitRadio. Terrestrial radio stations with the moniker "Greatest Hits" are overly concerned about demographics and generally play music from 1964-89.  They don't even use the term "oldies" any longer.  Hy Lit radio plays the hits from the 50s and 60s and even includes jingles from WIBG, WIFI, WABC and other heritage radio stations.  I try to check it out a few times a week.


Unknown said...

I remember seeing Hy Lit's TV show on Kaiser's O&O WKBG-TV (UHF CH 56) here in Boston as kid. The tower was a mile from my house and was no trouble receiving with the set-top UHF converter. I liked Hy's delivery and style and looked forward to the show each week.

Sam lit said...

Two Great channels. and Bruceeeee!

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