Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bob Dylan and the Law - A conference at Fordham University

I found out from Facebook Friend and WFUV personality Corny O'Connell that the Fordham University Law School in Manhattan will hold a conference on April 4 and 5th with a "series of speakers who will present both scholarly reflections on the law in Dylan’s songs and reflections by lawyers and law professors describing how Dylan influenced their work."  (please notice that I put that sentence in quotation marks since I copied and pasted it from the web site.  I don't want some lawyer accusing me of plagiarism.

The beauty of Dylan is that one can interpret him anyway you want with any emphasis.  You can analyze the song as a whole or just take part out of context.  In the day or so since I first saw the announcement I have thought of which Dylan songs have "legal implications."  I am not including the civil rights based songs.

Here is my list:
I am sure there are many other songs with a legal implication.  Perhaps I'll try to make the Monday night session,


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If you are interested in this conferene, you might like the article "Bob Dylan and The Law: Don't Put a Price on My Soul" at the music blog, Nightly Song. http://nightlysong.com/

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