Sunday, March 20, 2011

Do People Still Use Land Line Phones?

Does anyone remember the rotary dial telephone seen above?  I guess I am dating myself by saying that I once used one of these phones when I was growing up. Don't Call Me I won't Call You is an article in todays New York Times Styles section which stimulated me to write this journal entry.  Phone calls by their nature are disruptive.  You must drop what you are doing and run to the phone.  In this Internet era people would rather send e-mail, text, instant message, tweet or use Facebook to communicate with each other.

In the early days (1990s) of cell phones people used them only to have conversations in unusual places.  I remember phones going off in movie theaters and the recipient running out the theater to get the call while missing the movie.  In this era of smartphones people use their devices for text messaging.  This afternoon at the movies, the man in front of me was text messaging during most of the movie.  What is the sense of going to the movies.

I read somewhere that 30% of all phone customers no longer use their land line phone.  I only use mine to receive calls or to make local calls within New York City.  The cell phone call is timed and makes no difference whether the call is locla or long distance.

The landline phone will not disappear, but will be used less in the future.

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