Thursday, March 24, 2011

Going to LaLa Land for vacation this summer

This year we are taking a summer vacation to Los Angeles and vicinity.  The last time I visited southern California was in 1985 so it is certainly time for a revisit.  We bought a package through Expedia including round trip plane tickets via Jet Blue, a hotel in Long Beach and a rental car.  The baseball bus trips we took over the past 5 years were nice, but you had to strictly follow the schedule.  Since we will be on our own we will be able to come and go as we please and create our own itinearary.  We will definitely see games with the LA Dodgers and LA Angels of Anaheim.  We'll likely check out Disneyland and Universal Studios among other attractions.  I am hoping to hook with:
  • Rich Jacoby - an old budy from my PS 139 days
  • Joe Viel -from CCNY the man wh introduced me to beer
  • Mike Sanburn - radio friend.  We traded tapes back in the 1990s.

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