Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Some Jeopardy Notes

1. I signed up to take the online test to become a contestant.  It will be on Tuesday February 8th at 8 PM.  I have taken it for a few years now and do very poorly.  I assume that people who do well on the test are invited for an audition.  I think contestants are also judged on their personality.  For the last few years the contestants on Who Wants to be a Millionaire have not done too well in the game, but seem to be entertaining.  I think the producers of Jeopardy do a much better job of screening the contestants.

2.  The current champion on Jeopardy Anthony Fox has now won 4 games in a row while missing the Final Jeopardy question.

3.  For the second time in a week I got the Final Jeopardy question correct while all of the players got it wrong.  Today's answer  The two states in the USA which only have one consonant.  What are Ohio and Iowa?

4  All fans of Jeopardy show check out http://www.j-archive.com/ a fan site which archives every show in the Alex Trebek era.

5.  I am really looking forward to the match among Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter and the IBM computer on February 14-16

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