Thursday, January 6, 2011

Remembering Blind Faith

I am still having a little writer's cramp not knowing what I want to write in my journal for today,  I don't want to talk the weather or how there must be about two weeks worth of garbage outside my apartment building.  As I am listening to the British Invasion Channel on AOL Radio, See of Joy by Blind Faith comes over the speakers.

When I think back to 1969 I recall the two covers.  The one with the photo with the nude adolescent was harder to get back then.  It must be a collectors item these days if it is in pristine condition.  I bought the alternative cover with Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Ginger Baker and Rick Gretch.  I'll refer my readers to the Wikipedia for more information about this supergroup.  Sadly the group broke up after one album because the others felt that Steve Winwood dominated.  The album cuts are often heard on classic rock radio, but I rarely hear  "Do What You Like" with the long drum solo by Ginger Baker.  I'll have to pull it out and put it on my turnstyle.

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