Wednesday, January 5, 2011

David McMillan - Facebook Friend of the Day

Usually I post a photo of my Facebook Friend of the Day, but I couldn't find one that would do justice to David McMillan.  We go back to early 2000 when we hired him as a temporary librarian since we had an opening  at NJIT.  Dave worked for one semester until the position was filled.

For close to 11 years he has kept in touch with me by phone, e-mail and Facebook.  He has done the same with former colleagues Mike Byrnes and Anthony Grimaldi.  I meet Dave today at the VALE annual meeting.  Dave now works at the library at Caldwell College.  I certainly him the best in all his personal and professional endeavors.

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LibrarianDave227 said...

Thanks for your kind words Bruce. You have taught me much about librarianship and how to find Chemical information and how to search the technical sources.

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