Friday, January 7, 2011

How Much Longer Will Print Newspapers Last?

A generation ago people read newspapers on commuter trains.  I remember the following New York City newspapers as I was growing up:
  • Daily News
  • Daily Mirror
  • Times
  • Herald Tribune
  • Post
  • World Telegram and Sun
  • Journal American
Today only the Times, Daily News and Post survive with all of them in financial trouble.  There used to be afternoon newspapers, but those are long gone.  If I see people reading newspapers on the trains it is usually either AM-NY or the METRO which are given away for free.  The latter two are quite cursory, but since they are free, I pick one of them up most mornings.  I only bring several sections of the Sunday New York Times to read on the commute on Mondays.

We could take the easy way out and just blame the internet.  It is true that you can get your news almost instantaneously on a smart phone so who needs a print newspaper?   Yet general readers like myself are often disgusted with the crap that's covered in tabloids.  The New York Times is often boring with much esoteric information not of interest to the average reader.

How much longer will print newspapers last?

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